Article on Peng-Peng Lee in the Los Angeles Times

58B5EE9C-FBD8-44CD-8715-7E2D70B1C407.jpegThe Los Angeles Times has an article up on their website all about Peng-Peng Lee. Check out an excerpt below and read the entire article on the LA Times’ website.

Approaching the four-inch-wide leather stage, she dusted her left foot with chalk, hoping to ensure a grip that would prevent her fragile knee from a tremble, twitch or buckle.

The slightest twinge, the smallest tremor, could force a lean that might send her tumbling, and who would want to end 20 years of toil in a heap on the floor?

Wearing a silver-sequined blue leotard, Christine Peng-Peng Lee paused to wave and smile, just as she had ahead of her balance beam routine at the 2012 Pacific Rim Championships, when UCLA gymnastics coach Valorie Kondos Field first saw that she could be special.

“She was primed to be the best Canadian Olympic gymnast that the women’s program had ever had,” Field recalled.

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