Katelyn Ohashi Discusses the Difference Between Elite and NCAA Gymnastics with Lenny Letter

Via: Lenny Letter

UCLA’s very own viral superstar, Katelyn Ohashi, was interviewed by Lenny Letter. In the interview, she talks about how college gymnastics helped her rediscover her love for the sport. Check out an excerpt below and read the entire article on LennyLetter.com.

You’ve probably seen Katelyn Ohashi. Back in April, the 21-year-old UCLA junior did double layouts to iconic Michael Jackson hooks all over Facebook feeds to an audience of nearly 100 million viewers. It starts with a cool glance to the audience from beneath an imaginary “Smooth Criminal” hat, before alternating mind-bending gymnastic moves with slick moonwalks and finishing with a “Thriller”-like cackle. She performed the routine at fifteen meets this season and got a perfect 10 three times, but it wasn’t until the Pac-12 championships in March, which her college won for the eighteenth time, that the Internet really took notice.

I’ve gotten to see her perform since she was a teenager, winning national and international competitions as one of America’s most successful elite gymnasts, pegged for the Olympics at twelve years old. Yet there was a darker side to all the high scores and praise, one that came through the cracks of Ohashi’s intense focus and skill. [Read more…]

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