Margzetta Frazier’s Interview with Inside Gymnastics

Photo by Grace Chiu

Inside Gymnastics recently spoke with UCLA Freshman, Margzetta Frazier, about her journey to compete for both UCLA and the U.S. Championships this weekend. She is straddling both worlds for the time being and wants to give elite gymnastics all she’s got before she’s done with it. Read a snippet of the article below and find the entire thing on

Margzetta “Marz” Frazier has had her sights set on the NCAA for years. When it came time for her to decide on where her NCAA career would be spent, UCLA was a great option, a welcoming home with great coaches in a fun environment, not to mention its tangible success as a program. She was confident that no matter where her elite journey took her, she’d be heading westward.

Flash forward to the first week of August this year. With a slight feeling of trepidation, ultimately overshadowed by great excitement, Frazier donned her Bruins team gear for the first time. The month leading to nationals for most athletes is about increasing numbers, routine preparedness and a decreased social calendar to make room for additional (and much-needed) rest and recovery, but not for Frazier. For the past two weeks, she’s spent hours walking, taking campus tours, going through orientation, moving and becoming acclimated to the rolling hills of Los Angeles.

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