‘Full Out 2’ No Longer to Be About Peng-Peng Lee

“Full Out 2,” the sequel to the film “Full Out,” which was about the life of UCLA gymnast and dancer, Ariana Berlin, will no longer be about another Bruin.

As reported earlier this year, the movie “Full Out 2” was going to be based on the life of former UCLA gymnast, Peng-Peng Lee. Lee, an aspiring actress, was set to portray herself in the movie.

Lee told us in an exclusive interview last month that she was no longer working on the film.

The powers that be have decided to go another direction with the film entirely.

The people behind the film, set for release on Netflix at a date yet to be announced, have released a casting call in Oklahoma to portray gymnasts on the Oklahoma Women’s Gymnastics team.

The film will be centered around former Oklahoma gymnast, Brenna Dowell, and will also feature professional actors portraying the roles of K.J. Kindler, A.J. Jackson and others.

The film will tell the story of the Oklahoma Sooners as they attempt to win their second national title.

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