JaNay Honest Talks About Upcoming Web Series Exclusively with UCLA Gym Source

JaNay Honest and Peng-Peng Lee have been working tirelessly on a new web series for YouTube featuring guests including many of our beloved Bruins! The series is called “HonestLee” and Honest has so kindly given us some information about when to expect the series and what the format will be like.

“We wanted to keep the same idea of our podcast Ambition on Fleek but with MAJOR restructuring: visual content with shorter episodes,” says Honest. “We still aim to inspire others through unique stories of individuals in the fitness world, which is why we now have guests! To give our audience the opportunity to learn the background of each guest, show the parallels of adversities faced across the board of different sports, what helped them and how those tips can help our audience that is maybe going through a similar situation. All while getting to know them on a personal level and even seeing their fun side. We learned fairly quickly [that] 45 minutes of audio isn’t our niche and felt a YouTube series was a better route for our show!”

When asked about what the show will be covering, Honest says “we want to showcase amazing individuals and their stories to inspire and motivate the next generation. We will have a wide variety of guests on our show: fitness influencers, athletes, dancers, personal trainers… the list goes on! We talk about a variety of topics such as adversities, the physical, mental and emotional sides of life inside and outside the gym. We want to help share unique and empowering stories to our audience.”

As for the format of the series, Honest says that “We will be breaking up each episode into short segments highlighting topics/games etc. with the guests to cater to all audiences for their convenience. Full episodes are roughly half an hour like a cable show on TV.”

Honest also says that the series will include fun games with their guests.

As Lee and Honest are still currently in the production phase of their series, they don’t have a set date yet for the debut, but Honest says to expect the series to premiere on YouTube sometime in February.

The series will launch a new episode each week, with each segment of the episodes being posted individually throughout the week, and the full episodes dropping at the end of the week.

“Peng and I work so well together!” says Honest. “We maximize our efficiency, use each of our resources to brainstorm and keep each other accountable.”

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