Nicki Shapiro Hoping for a 6th Year with the Bruins

Nicki Shapiro, who famously returned to the sport of gymnastics for the 2020 NCAA season after years away from it, is hoping to return for a sixth year with the Bruins, according to head coach, Chris Waller.

Waller stated in a recent zoom chat with season ticket holders that Shapiro is not ready to leave the sport just yet and wants to return for the 2021 season.

Shapiro competed as a freshman for the Bruins in 2016 where she contributed on the balance beam. This past season, she also participated on the uneven bars.

Shapiro was a part of the 2020 senior class that didn’t get a senior night or a post season due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Since she only competed two seasons at UCLA, she is able to request another year (or two) from the NCAA.

Shapiro’s teammate, Gracie Kramer, also wants to return for another season, but she is not eligible, as she stated on the zoom chat that she “competed for four years” and that she’s done.

Grace and Anna Glenn were also on the zoom call and both stated that they have retired from the sport and do not plan to return.

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